Side 1

The Cosmic Storyteller

Time I Got To Know You

Ideal Lady

Love Star

Filled With Love Again

Give It All That You’ve Got

Side 2

L.A. Saucer Invasion

The Big Time

Set Me Up-Knock Me Over

Johnny’s In A Corner

Love Has Died

The Great Dream

The Final Run

The Cosmic Storyteller (1967), Unicorn’s masterpiece concept album, was thought to be lost forever. This extraordinary “concept” album languished in a vault for over 30 years without having ever been released. Thanks to the chance discovery of the master tapes, and the wonders of today’s digital wizardry, you are about to discover a new dimension in entertainment.
Springing anew out of rock creativity, it is a cornucopia of American styles, from hard rock to folk, pop ballads, jazz, blues, country and R&B, a luxurious, poetic tapestry performed with unity of purpose and verve.

Now you can revisit that golden era. Come, stimulate your imagination and experience an album as relevant today as when it was first made.

  • “One of my favorite ‘60s groups”–Michelle Phillips.
  • “Chock full of fine, timeless songs”–Bill Hartew, KLOS-FM, Los Angeles
  • “An enjoyable listen, a well-crafted and ambitious project…lyrics flow with a finely-honed, literate grace and grandeur…philosophical…a classy sense of spirit and style…powerful….with muscular vocals…”–All Music Guide.
  • “It sounds like hit radio the way it used to be!”–music executive Harold Childs (A&M, Warner Bros., Polygram, Qwest).
  • “With its theme of the transcendence of creativity, The Cosmic Storyteller voices the hopes, joys and sorrows of love, and concerns that belong to every generation…”–Rock City News

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