UNICORN and The Cosmic Storyteller have mutated into a suite of mindbending media that not only includes the feature film and albums of Unicorn music but also a graphic novel, literary novel, video games, radio specials with contests, music videos, remixes, and much more. Here are some of them, with others to be added as they break through.

Unicorn: Journey Through Time

Graphic Novel

Here is a glimpse of two pages of the Unicorn: Journey Through Time graphic novel, featuring a fantasy overlay starring the actual Cosmic Storyteller. Written by Hilary Clay Hicks, drawn by Derek Lee Thompson.

Unicorn: Journey Through Time

The Novel

It is “the fantasy story of a father and son’s journey of inner discovery, set against key cultural events of 1965-1967 involving the mythic tale of the rock band Unicorn.” It develops upon The Cosmic Storyteller as a character, the very realization of imagination.

Unicorn – Cosmic Storyteller

The Video Game

The Cosmic Storyteller has stepped through a portal in the time-space continuum in search of the elusive unicorn to become a transcendent observer of today’s art and culture. He shares what he has learned as a game, so that what was forgotten might be gained.

The Cosmic Storyteller offers you the long lost 12 Magic Gold Disks, the musical distillation of wisdom and truth by the 1967 band Unicorn. These are your tools for an adventure in entertainment! You may be the one to catch the legendary beast representing fame and glory who has eluded capture until now!

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