This page is dedicated to exhibit of historic artifacts of the band Unicorn. For a band that never released an album in its own day, and for which hardly a trace was found for over 30 years, it is remarkable how pieces of art and memorabilia are now surfacing. This page will be added to from time-to-time as new items are recovered.

Stoney’s Guitar Found

The vintage Fender Stratocaster that bandleader Stoney Young played in the legendary rock group Unicorn during 1966-1967 is now on display at The Guitar Center, 7425 West Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. The instrument, obtained from a private collector in 1999, is somewhat beat up but was reconditioned by the Guitar Center and plays like a champ. It was used to record Unicorn’s fabled concept album, The Cosmic Storyteller. (photo by Robert Knight, courtesy of The Guitar Center /

Unicorn Flyer a. September, 1966. This flyer was hand-drawn by Unicorn leader Stoney Young to promote the band’s appearance at the Hullabaloo on the Sunset Strip. Flyers like these were part of the pop culture communications systems of the day — which included underground newspapers, posters and grafitti. This flyer is also notable for the first appearance of the Unicorn logo, which Stoney conjured up for it during an all night creative frenzy (in which he ruined a pair of pants with india ink).

Unicorn Press Photo, 1967.
Taken by Bill Edwards at the Baldwin Estate, Arcadia, Calif.

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